The Rhys Anslow Project – Canvas of Colours

The Story

‘Canvas of Colours’ is the first official effort from ‘The Rhys Anslow Project’. It’s composition took place throughout the month of February 2011 as part of the annual RPM Challenge.

The title ‘Canvas of Colours’ is completely inspired by the American artist Jackson Pollock, for his innovative ‘drip’ technique encapsulates the composition of this short album. Pollock famously use to place his canvas’s on the floor so that he had a 360 degree access to all sides of the work and then would improvise dripping and pouring household paints onto his works till he viewed them finished, the same is true of the tracks of this album, each one was created within a day in a few short hours, inspiration splashed out onto the music and left to set to create the of┬ácolours┬áthe final piece.

The final product is a 5 track short album comprising of 2 structured and 3 completely improvised songs.

The decision to participate in the 2011 RPM Challenge was driven by the want/need of Rhys to express via his latest musical outlet, the Ipad. Yes, the entire album (apart from one drum loop) is created completely using an Ipad. Apps used in the creation of the songs include the 3 Briano Eno apps ‘Air’, ‘Bloom’ and ‘Trope’, as well as the ‘Nlog synth’ app, the Akai ‘SynthStation’ app and the Moog ‘Filtatron’ app.

The album is now fully available through Rhys’s personal bandcamp page – Click HERE to view the page.

You can also stream the entire album totally for free


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