‘Baby Steps’ – The Debut Album from Rhys Anslow

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The Story

‘Baby Steps’ is the debut album from the ‘Rhys Anslow Project’. Its 10 instrumental tracks are woven off real life experiences, raw emotion and personal thoughts.

The Album was writen over a 10 week demoing period called ‘The Summer Music Project’. The project was documented with an update every two weeks on Rhys’s in 2009 blog giving the listener a chance to listen to the raw song demo, read the story and then comment on what they felt about the song to help develope and mature the song.


‘Baby Steps’ is now available from my personal music store which you can find by clicking HERE.

This album has been set to ‘Pay what you think it’s worth’.
I’m a firm believer that music (or as it’s more commonly known – audio) has no innate value.
Value is given to music completely by the audience, its worth born of the listener.
As a representation of this, I’ve happily set it to be sold in this medium. The value, the price of this album will not me set by me, it wont be set by a trend, it will be set by you and you alone.

If you have no idea of its worth initially then please feel entitled to download this for free. Then, once you have had a few listens, absorbed the music, its message, you will have assigned it a value. If that value means little to you then don’t worry with paying anything. If you find that the music touches you or relates with you in anyway, feel free to express that worth in any form you think is appropriate. You are a mature human being and will know how best to express that value.

I must thank you for showing any interest you have in this album. The fact that you have found and are currently viewing my creations really means a lot to me, thank you 🙂

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