Surveys / 360

Whether constructed for your employees, customers, entire organisation or outside parties, online surveys are a cost-effective way of recording people’s views. At FTS each survey is customised to the Client’s unique requirements. We can offer advice on a survey’s purpose, how it should be delivered and in what format it can be developed. Support and guidance are provided from start to finish and once your online objectives have been met we will be able to recommend which interventions to proceed with.

The survey tool can be developed to gather:

  • Attitudes and perceptions
  • Client views
  • Cultural profiling
  • Customer reactions
  • The tool can also be adapted to provide 360° feedback and to seek input from outside bodies

All of our online surveys are secure, password protected areas and respondent confidentiality can be retained as and when it is required. After compiling a survey questionnaire that is tailored to your objectives, FTS will then process the data.

The main findings of a survey can be presented as a hard copy or Microsoft Exel file, enabling you to access the data as often as you like. FTS will help you to communicate these results to the relevant parties and we will also be on hand to translate the said results into meaningful and actionable conclusions. Conscious of your specific requirements, our approach will ensure that the process is smooth, the results comprehensive and the outcome successful.