Performance Management

With the understanding that a dynamic, focused and highly skilled workforce can considerably improve an organisation’s chance of success, businesses are working harder than ever to attract the best people. For true success, however, a workforce needs to be encouraged, motivated and supported. Organisations need to invest in their employees in order to retain them and Performance Management can help make this happen.

Is your business facing any of these challenges?

  • Erratic performance
  • High staff turnover
  • Sluggish productivity
  • Low morale
  • Unclear goals
  • Functions working in silos

Unclear connection between company and individual goals: Performance Management schemes can help your organisation to…

  • Develop realistic and appropriate performance standards
  • Plan for improved performance linked to employee goals and standards
  • Discuss job performance with employees and provide feedback on strengths and improvements needed
  • Write and deliver constructive performance evaluations
  • Identify and define the strategic initiatives appropriate to implementing successful performance management
  • Schemes to impact on business performance.
  • Link business performance to workforce performance and development
  • Establish where there are gaps in performance and pin-point changes needed
  • Change its culture
  • Improve the bottom line

Successful Interventions include:

  • An objective, honest and thorough approach to designing and implementing robust and acceptable performance management strategies
  • Provide recommendations on issues affecting the successful introduction of performance management
  • Design and implementation of performance management process/appraisal
  • Executive Mentoring/Coaching for senior and middle managers to deliver effective performance management
  • Design and delivery of training programmes for all those involved in the performance management process
  • Evaluation of level of success and acceptance of performance management/appraisal process.

Benefits: By consciously utilising Performance Management as a business tool the board are better placed to:

  • React to changes in performance
  • React to changing markets and trading conditions
  • Manage the workforce more effectively through reward and recognition
  • Ensure workforce all facing same direction through linking individual performance to business performance
  • Engaging and involving the workforce in delivering improved performance on an on going basis
  • Ensure that the structure and investment in the business is at an optimum level