Executive Development

Being in business today and achieving success takes a lot more than hard work and dedication, particularly in a world where change is constant and stability is no longer guaranteed. With the recent turbulence in both finance and industry there is an increased demand for higher levels of competences at a senior level, Executive Development has become a focus for meeting these new challenges.

Following the Higgs Review, the newly revised Combined Code recommends that boards undertake a formal and rigorous evaluation of their own performance and that of their committees. As noted by the Code, ‘the use of an external third party to conduct the evaluation will bring objectivity to the process’ and at our custom-designed Executive Development programmes can help organisations to meet these new standards.

Is your business facing any of these challenges?

  • Rapid Growth
  • Acquisition
  • Merger
  • Change of ownership
  • Change in senior management
  • New senior management team
  • Restructuring
  • Change of strategic direction
  • Economic pressures
  • Start-up maturing into established business

Executive Development can help your organisation to…

  • Develop the fresh thinking required for re-evaluation and action
  • Improve quality and speed of decision-making
  • Implement change more effectively
  • Be an ‘agile’ company able to react quickly to changing demands
  • Manage sustainable growth
  • Create/maintain good corporate governance

Successful FTS Interventions include:

Research: We identify the issues and facts through a range of tools such as profiling individuals within teams, culture profiling organisations, 360° profiles, staff relationship surveys, discussion groups and client research and interviews against set criteria.

Playback: We play our findings back to the individual/group/organisation through a variety of methods eg gap analysis (what are the risks?), one-to-ones, overviews mapped to business needs, presentations, workshops, a comprehensive report detailing strengths/weaknesses and issues.

Catalyst for Change: We facilitate various ‘Catalysts for Change’ interventions such as Executive Team Development Programmes, Workforce Development Programmes for driving through change, Individual Coaching, bespoke events builtaround issues raised from research, Business Games, Setting up Challenges, as well as a range of team- development activities based on land or water.


  • Stronger Executive Team
  • Executive acting with more power and efficiency as an individual and as a group
  • All members pulling in the same direction
  • Devolution of operations to the appropriate level
  • Constructive data on which to base business decisions
  • Clear strategy with executive buy in to deliver.