Case Studies

Public Providers Evaluation in the Public Sector
The Learning and Skills Council (LSC) in Berkshire engaged FTS to help launch an initiative, aimed at encouraging SMEs to undertake management development. FTS investigated providers, both partially and fully funded by the LSC, to identify how well they were able to attract and meet the needs of SMEs. Networking groups were then created, bringing together those businesses wishing to have input into their management development.
‘The LSC is extremely pleased all round. The project was highly successful and extremely worthwhile. It is going to be a very important benchmark for future developments.’
Roger Harris, Quality Manager for Workforce Development, Learning & Skills Council Berkshire

Executive Development in the Public Sector
As part of a different management style from a new Director and sharply increased expectations of Local Government leadership, the Housing and Health Department at Guildford Borough Council decided to undertake an FTS Workforce Development Programme. FTS were able to facilitate change within the Department by providing a forum for involvement of the Senior Management Team and engagement of the wider management team.

Clarification [of roles and responsibilities] has been a tremendous benefit to the Department…management boundaries are clearly mapped out and it is easier to ascertain what value people’s actions have to their job roles as well as to the good of the team.”
Steve Curzon-Hope, Business Development Manager, Housing and Health Department

Executive Development in the Voluntary Sector
Having moved from a precarious financial position to one of more stability, the Surrey Association of Visual Impairment teamed up with FTS in order to establish ways to facilitate growth and development. By building a programme that focused on business and personal development,  FTS were able to help SAVI develop a stronger and more proactive Senior Management Team.

“Team members were able to develop skills, which they have since been able to put into practice… reduced involvement fromthe Chief Executive at the Team Meetings, has led to greater responsibility from the managers.”
Lance Clarke Chief Executive Director, SAVI

West London Mental Health NHS Trust
Following a restructuring of the Department, the Human Resources Directorate had experienced a considerable amount of change. Seeking external advice on how to manage this change, the team decided to join forces with FTS.

“The programme was a great success, FTS were able to fit in with the style of the team and we always felt comfortable working with the Consultants.”
Kelvin Cheatle, Director of Human Resources.

Executive Mentoring/Coaching in the IT Sector
Having taken up the role of General Manager for Europe at Solcorp, Alan Giles participated in an FTS Executive Mentoring/Coaching programme to adapt to his new working environment and to manage his new responsibilities effectively. The confidential mentoring sessions provided Alan with a mechanism for furthering his personal and professional development and helped him to set clearly focused goals and objectives.

“Having a Mentor enables you to talk in a safe environment. It challenges your perceptions and provides a natural release for issues, which have arisen in the working environment.”
Alan Giles, General Manager for Europe, Solcorp